Vicky Penney

Vicky Penney

3rd Cornet

I started playing a brass instrument at the age of 9 years old at my primary school, Warren Wood. I was taught by Peter Christian where my playing days started on the baritone. By the age of 10 I joined Poynton Youth Brass band in the training band. A year later I had progressed through the ranks and was blessed to join the main youth band. Here was where it all changed and I decided to make the big decision to change my instrument to Cornet.


I took to the cornet straight away and worked my way quickly to the 'front row'. After many successful years at Poynton Youth (6 years) and having private lessons with Les Hall time had come to fly the nest where I joined Hazel Grove Brass Band. 

I started with Hazel Grove in 2006 and was principal cornet under the baton of Neil Bowden. I sat in the principal seat for 18 months taking the band to the areas and many other contests including the Whit Friday Marches. In September of 2007 I went off to University where my playing career came to a halt.

In 2017 I decided 10 years was a long enough sabbatical and found my love for Brass banding once again with Stockport Silver Band. Here I did 12 months as 'bumper up' before leaving to fulfill my dream of playing with a championship band. In March of 2018 I joined VBS and haven't looked back since.

Player Trivia

Favourite Test-Piece
Resurgam - Eric Ball

Favourite Concert Piece
O Magnum Mysterium

Banding Highlight
Winning the British Open Senior Trophy 2019 with Poynton