The following CDs are on sale at most of the band's concerts.

The AnsonThe Anson

Vernon Building Society (Poynton) Brass Band
Recorded in 2011
Conductor: Mr Grenville Moore
Price £10

1. Summon The Dragon P.Graham
2. Caravan J. Tizol arr. S. Sykes
3. The Girl With The Flaxen Hair C. Debussy arr. H. Snell
Flugel Soloist: Sarah Johnson
4. Paint It Black Jagger/Richards arr. A. Horn (World Premiere Recording)
5. Nicea arr. W. Himes
6. Cry Me A River arr A. Morrison
Trombone Soloist: John Anderson
7. Serenade D. Bourgeois
8. Born Free J. Barry arr. A. Catherall
10. An Untold Story P. Lovatt-Cooper
Tenor Horn Soloist: Helen Moore
11. The Anson J. Taylor (World Premiere Recording)
12. On With The Motley R. Leoncavallo arr. R. Farr
Soprano Soloist: Tim Brocklehurst
13. Salute To Sinatra arr. P. Harper
14. Myfanwy J. Parry arr. A, Horn (World Premiere Recording)
15. Dundonell (from Hymn of the Highlands) P. Sparke
16. Show Me The Way To Go Home I. King arr. A. Horn (World Premiere Recording)

Musical ReflectionsMusical Reflections

Vernon Building Society (Poynton) Brass Band
Conductor: Mr Alan Lawton MBE
Price £10

1. Marching With Alford K. Alford arr. R.Wyatt
2. Broadway Spectacular A. Fernie
3. Children Of Sanchez C. Mangione arr. R.Gilje
Cornet Soloist: Tony Wyatt
4. Crimond arr. G. Richards
5. Valero J. Swearingen arr. S. Smith
6. Alfie I.D.McElligott
Flugel Horn Soloist: Sarah Johnson
7. Armenian Fire Dance G. Richards
8. The Wind Beneath My Wings arr. D. Barry
Trombone Soloist: John Anderson
9. Victory R. Hardiman arr. P.Graham
10. Pastorale G. Richards
11. Carnival Of Venice H. Clarke arr. S. Kerwin
Baritone Soloist: Andrew Lawton
12. Pastime With Good Company Henry VIII arr. S. Roberts
13. Rondo (from Horn Concerto No.4) Mozart arr. D.Wright
Euphonium Soloist: Sarah Dawson
14. Ruby Tuesday Jagger/Richards arr. A. Catherall
15. Pirates Of The Caribbean K. Badelt arr. J. Blanken
16. Barnum & Bailey's Favourites P. Roberts

Individually YoursIndividually Yours

Vernon Building Society (Poynton) Brass Band
Conductor: Mr Alan Lawton
Price £10

1. Marching with Sousa A.Mortimer
2. Overture to Mack and Mabel J. Herman arr. K. Wilkinson
3. Gabriel's Oboe E. Morricone arr. D. Bertie
4. Post Horn Galop Koenig
Cornet Soloist: Tony Wyatt
5. Swedish Folk Song (How Great Thou Art) Trad. arr. P. Graham
6. Oklahoma A. Catherall
7. Gaelforce P. Graham
8. Stardust arr. J. Iveson
Trombone Soloist: John Anderson
9. Tom Jones in Concert arr. F. Bernaerts
10. Gaudete Traditional arr. R. Newton
11. A Winter's Tale M. Batt & T. Rice arr. D. Barry
Flugel Soloist: Sarah Johnson
12. Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines R. Goodwin
13. Be My Love N. Brodszky & S. Cahn arr. R. Farr
Euphonium Soloist: Sarah Dawson
14. Hymn – L. Cuthbert Howard
15. The Olympic Spirit J. Williams arr. C. Jenkins