Poynton Brass Band Trust

The Poynton Brass Band Trust has the Bands “Constitution” embodied in the Trust Deed. Its 1981 “Constitution” was incorporated into the purchase deed of the Clumber Road Methodist Chapel the bands first “band owned” building. Its objectviess are the same now as then; "to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education and appreciation of brass music in all its aspects by the presentation of public brass band concerts, tuition in the playing of brass instruments and by other such means as the band through its Committee shall determine from time to time in accordance with its Charitable Status".

Why does the trust exist?

The Trust owns, in trust, the Band’s collateral (e.g. It’s band centre, instruments, music, etc). The Trustees have a duty of care to ensure that the band is run in-line with the Trust Deed Objects and to ensure that the band manages it’s affairs in a proper and legal manner.

In the event of the band having to be wound up, the Trustees are charged with passing on its collateral to a similar/suitable organisation. Thus it has many band responsibilities along the journey of the life and dissolution of the band!

Charitable Status

The Trust gained Charitable Status in 1981 which enabled it to also seek funding from corporate organisations wishing to support such registered charities.

In particular it enabled the Trustees to sign up a sponsorship agreement with the Vernon Building Society in 1988. This was the start of a very good and suitable partnership with a local organisation. They have been a first class sponsor now for 24 years. Their sponsorship money is paid to the Trust which then passes on funds to the band committee for the running of the band.

Trust Officials

Philip Thompson

John Needham

Cara Steele

Tom Peak

John Monaghan