The Players

Band President
Allan Nutton

Musical Director
Adam Delbridge-Smith

Solo Trombone
Diane Walker

Solo Euphonium
Dylan Flint

Principal Cornet
Frank Needham

Soprano Cornet
Tim Brocklehurst

Second Trombone
Sue Pamp

Second Euphonium
Peter Cook


Solo Cornets
Ruth Mulholland
Josh Sarbutts

Repiano Cornet
Louis Miller

Bass Trombone
Karen McDowell

Solo Baritone
Gary White


Second Cornets
Soo Rose-Cook
Associate Librarian


Second Baritone
Jen Hulme
Contest Secretary / Player Secretary


Third Cornets
Vicky Penney
Band Manager
Tim Hewitt

Flugel Horn
Kara Sutcliffe

Solo Horn
Richard Sutcliffe

First Horn
Steve Atwell

Second Horn
Ace Tucker

Eb Bass
Tim Ashbrook
Jim Wynstanley

BBb Bass
Paul Bagshaw
Charlotte Evans

Toby Taylor
Keelan Sutcliffe

Other Officials
Marilyn Tan
Concert Secretary


We currently have no vacancies

2nd Cornet
Solo Cornet

Please contact the Band if you are interested in joining. Positions may be negotiable.